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Welcome To The Psychology of Productivity

The Psychology of Productivity is the cross section of the Mindset and Skillsets that provide the ability to cultivate positive emotions and regulate negative ones in a way that creates consistent performance.  Through a positive mental and emotional state your work can remain connected to your purpose, mission, and values.


The difference between productivity and performance: Productivity is getting things done. Performance is the quality of how you get things done.  Putting them together is the key to high performance.

Components of Productive Behavior

These are the 3 main aspects of the Psychology of Productivity

Relational Communication

Connecting in an inspirational and motivational way through our interpersonal communication in a way that enhances outcomes, improves the quality and connection in our communication, and strengthens interpersonal bonds.

High Performance Compassion

The mindset that provides an internal and external safe, motivating, and inspiring environment to perform at your highest level. Self-Compassion is the missing link in productivity and high performance. 

Mindset of Timefulness

A strategic and effective approach to changing our relationship to time, allowing organizations and individuals to close performance gaps and realize their full potential.

Staff Picks

Our hand picked books on all aspects of the psychology of productivity from the best researchers in the world. 

The Time Cleanse

Steven Griffith

Timefulness Mindset, Time Management, Business Performance

Atomic Habits

James Clear

Habits, Time Management

The 5 Choices

Kory Kogon

Productivity, Choice

The Productivity Zone

Penny Zinker

Productivity, Research

Get Involved

You can participate in several ways: You can use these resources to improve your individual or organizational capacities.  You can submit research and books for evaluation and inclusion.  This compendium of resources on the Psychology of Productivity is for everyone to use to better their own work and life.